CRM for Google Apps

Google began to offer more and more tools that are useful for businesses.

Using gmail email address or Google Apps has become a general practice for many companies.

Choosing a cloud based CRM software that it’s perfectly compatible with Google/Gmail has become a must for companies.

CRM compatible with Gmail study case: Simple CRM

Simple CRM it’s a cloud based solution most compatible with Gmail/Google Apps.

It’s also compatible with Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Simple CRM allows selecting contacts that you want to synchronize with Gmail or Google Apps

This feature allows accessing the same contacts with your email reader or your mobile phone (Android/iPhone) or your PC tablet thanks to this perfect synchronization between Simple CRM and Gmail/Google Apps.

Simple CRM calendar generates ICAL feeds than can be imported into Google Calendar or you mobile phone

Simple CRM has a calendar for so called “work resources”.  A work resource can be a vehicle, an external worker, a meeting room etc.   With this feature anyone can check his own or his colleagues calendar but also resources calendar and therefore better organize his planning.

From Gmail you can forwards emails to Simple CRM 

Any Simple CRM user has his Simple CRM email address. He can forward an important email to this email address and he can transform it into a business opportunity.  He will find in Simple CRM the email, with attachments (Word, PDF etc.) to convert and to link to the proper company and contact person.

Google Drive Integration

With Simple CRM you can directly access your Google Drive documents and you can link them to companies, contacts, interactions, projects that you have in Simple CRM.